desi’s portfolio

Somehow you’ve landed on this page— which means you’re probably kind of important. What you’ll be viewing is some of Desi’s most recent work, most of which is web design related, and a few of his featured illustrations he’s done over last few years. So, please continue to peruse at your leisure.

You have also discovered the official origin of the user handle known as “wundrbred”, as Desi still actively owns the original circa 1997 AOL email account. All other wundrbreds in the universe are 120% stale and phony. The iconic artwork you may have seen on the splash page is actually an Xbox Live avatar that Desi immediately had a connection with. Desi felt it mirrored the epitome of his creative soul as a well seasoned designer of twenty-plus years, a small business owner, an avid gamer, a hard working parental unit, and a pretty darn lovable husband… for the most part.